Apply for our next Funding Round – Deadline 20 January 2015

FINTECH Circle is Europe’s 1st Angel Network focused on fintech investments. Our private investors (called ‘angels’ as they not only provide funding but also share their expertise in finance and tech to help your business succeed) meet on a regular basis to review pre-selected fintech investment opportunities.

Investment Criteria:

  • Typical Funding Amounts: GBP 100K – 500K
  • Sector: FINTECH only
  • Company must be registered in the UK
  • Stage: Seed/Early Stage (prototype/MVP must be in place)

If your fintech company looks for funding from expert angels, please apply by completing the application form below – the next deadline is 20 January 2015:

Application to FINTECH Circle’s Angel Network of Private Investors

Many thanks! We are looking forward to hearing from you.


Event: 19th Jan 2015 – Landscaping UK FINTECH – get a great industry overview

Ernst & Young will share their research and report on “Landscaping UK FINTECH”:$FILE/EY-Landscaping-UK-Fintech.pdf

Learn about:

1) Drivers behind FINTECH sectors growth: digital connectivity, customer dissatisfaction with banks, and a lack of innovation and investment by incumbent providers.

2) Mapping of UK FINTECH Market: traditional vs emergent Fintech and market size/growth rates Traditional Fintech as ‘facilitators’ (larger incumbent technology firms supporting the financial services sector) and Emergent Fintech as ‘disruptors’ (small, innovative firms disintermediating incumbent financial services firms with new technology).

3) Key themes affecting the sector are the disintermediation of incumbent models, the disintermediation of incumbent infrastructure, the monetisation of data, and the requirement for fraud and identity protection.
4) Learn about the sub-sectors of the overall fintech industry: Payments, Software, Data and Analytics and Platforms.

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Join FINTECH Circle’s Discussion Group on LinkedIn – have your say

FINTECH Circle Logo

Many fintech groups are one-sided and just provide updates from one sponsoring firm. Our FINTECH Circle group is different – our members consist of C-level executives, senior management across finance & tech, fintech entrepreneurs & innovators and investors.

So join, listen and learn from our members views and have your say, too – tell us what we can all do to make the fintech sector great and mobilize financial services innovation supported by expert funding. We want to hear from you!

LinkedIn Group – FINTECH Circle

Capital on Stage: FINTECH Circle pitches to tech entrepreneurs in London

On the 3rd December 2014, FINTECH Circle presented at Capital on Stage in London’s Level39.

Capital on Stage organizes great events where the tables are turned. Instead of having companies pitching their business models, investors have to pitch to start-ups/SMEs who look for funding. Fantastic VCs across the tech & finance space presented themselves, so have a look and judge for yourself!

FINTECH Circle is Europe’s 1st Angel Network focused on fintech – watch the presentation:

Best FINTECH Books of 2014

Nothing beats a good book to really understand a complex subject. So these are our our top FINTECH books of 2014 (in alphabetical order based on book title):

1) Breaking Banks by Brett King – The Innovators, Rogues and Strategists – Rebooting Banking (by Wiley)
2) Digital Bank by Chris Skinner – Strategies to Launch or Become a Digital Bank (by Marshall Cavendish Business)
3) Next Generation Finance with many great articles by industry experts, edited by Robert Lempka and Paul D. Stallard – Adapting the Financial Services Industry to Changes in Technology, Regulation and Consumer Behaviour (by Harriman House)
4) The Power of Mobile Banking by Sankar Krishnan – How to profit from the Revolution in Retail Financial Services (by Wiley)

What are your favourite FINTECH Books? Which books have inspired you and gave you the best insights into this exciting industry and its various sub-sectors? Can’t wait to hear your recommendations.