Best FINTECH Books of 2014

Nothing beats a good book to really understand a complex subject. So these are our our top FINTECH books of 2014 (in alphabetical order based on book title):

1) Breaking Banks by Brett King – The Innovators, Rogues and Strategists – Rebooting Banking (by Wiley)
2) Digital Bank by Chris Skinner – Strategies to Launch or Become a Digital Bank (by Marshall Cavendish Business)
3) Next Generation Finance with many great articles by industry experts, edited by Robert Lempka and Paul D. Stallard – Adapting the Financial Services Industry to Changes in Technology, Regulation and Consumer Behaviour (by Harriman House)
4) The Power of Mobile Banking by Sankar Krishnan – How to profit from the Revolution in Retail Financial Services (by Wiley)

What are your favourite FINTECH Books? Which books have inspired you and gave you the best insights into this exciting industry and its various sub-sectors? Can’t wait to hear your recommendations.


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