Event: 19th Jan 2015 – Landscaping UK FINTECH – get a great industry overview

Ernst & Young will share their research and report on “Landscaping UK FINTECH”:


Learn about:

1) Drivers behind FINTECH sectors growth: digital connectivity, customer dissatisfaction with banks, and a lack of innovation and investment by incumbent providers.

2) Mapping of UK FINTECH Market: traditional vs emergent Fintech and market size/growth rates Traditional Fintech as ‘facilitators’ (larger incumbent technology firms supporting the financial services sector) and Emergent Fintech as ‘disruptors’ (small, innovative firms disintermediating incumbent financial services firms with new technology).

3) Key themes affecting the sector are the disintermediation of incumbent models, the disintermediation of incumbent infrastructure, the monetisation of data, and the requirement for fraud and identity protection.
4) Learn about the sub-sectors of the overall fintech industry: Payments, Software, Data and Analytics and Platforms.

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